Customer retention: building relationships that convert

Customer retention: building relationships that convert

We’ve all been that person at some point– window shopping at a brand’s website, and scrolling to the end of the product list for cool things we’re interested in, but can’t seem to justify getting. Slightly more committed people might even leave something in the cart for good measure– just in case they find their way back, you know.

Chances are, you’ve completely forgotten about that store– or what was in that cart. Sure, you might passively want it, but it’s not in front of you now, is it? Out of sight, out of mind. So you let that potential purchase language in data hell, never to be bought. Now, imagine how frustrating this is for a store owner– being that close to a sale, and missing out anyway!

This is why we take customer retention seriously. Data, by way of the internet’s robust e-commerce systems, allows you to give potential buyers a much-needed nudge. Some will shrug it off completely, sure. But you’re looking out for those who just need a little bit more of a push. If they don’t follow through now, maybe next time they will. If they do, you’ll remember– and reward that!

The ultimate here is to build relationships– strong ones, ones that convert. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to strengthen customer retention.

treat for starters

Give them a one-off treat for starters

Whether it’s for site bounce or abandoned carts, try to nudge them over the purchase threshold by incentivizing them with a one-off treat. This could mean little reminders throughout their site visit, a warning for when they close the tab, or for customers who registered for your site but didn’t make a purchase– a follow-up email for their abandoned items. Free shipping or a discount coupon is usually a good way to start!


Be stoked on interacting with them

Customers tend to not patronize brands who don’t seem interested in interacting with them. Try and watch out for your response time, and the tone you take when replying to product inquiries. They’re much more likely to purchase if they feel like they could speak to you on human terms. Go out and make a real connection first, and everything good follows.


Reward their loyalty

Always stay in touch with people who’ve purchased from your site previously. They’re arguably the most important demographic you have access to. Customers who are both satisfied with the product and the service you’ve provided are likely to seek you out again. Think of offering free shipping and extra coupon codes for every successful purchase– maybe even implementing a rewards program. Loyalty is earned if you reward it.

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Never Lose a Customer