Wow Support


Full-time / Remote

Here are the responsibilities and expectations for the role:

1. Client Management

2. Team Management

3. Operations Management

4. Project Management

5. Others

This is a special interim position to lead an entirely new company, with a ladderized form of compensation.

Reporting will start at 40 hours a week (US Time) with a compensation of $1000/month with an additional $100 per client added after 10 paying clients on 995/ 1895 contracts, capped at $1400/month.

After the division gets to $40k/ month in revenue, you are welcome to apply for a profit-based bonus. Terms will be discussed after your initial 90 days with the company.

After 20 external clients, you will hire your own Client Success Manager for the division. The client success manager will focus on client retention, upsells, and all forms of client management.

Contractor pay is paid every 15th and 30th of the month through Paypal, Wise, or Payoneer.

Benefits and bonuses